Saturday, August 16, 2008

Chilly Dilly Lemonade

Lost River Market & Deli deli manager, Linda Boswell, and I went on a food tasting trip to Louisville when the store was being set up. There was a woman there selling fresh herbs and there was a line a mile long at her booth! Of course, we made a bee line over to where the action was. This lady was giving out samples of lemonade and WOW, was it ever good. We asked her for the recipe. I've made it at home many times because my hubby loves it. We now have a vendor at our farmers market who makes it. She calls it "Chilly Dilly Lemonade." You can get fresh locally grown cucumbers at Lost River Market & Deli.

Make a 2 quart pitcher of lemonade. This could be from a mix, a frozen concentrate or from scratch with fresh lemons. Peel and seed a cucumber. Cut it in half lengthwise and then again lengthwise so that you have 4 spears of cucumber. Add it to the lemonade. Then a handful of fresh dill. Give the lemonade a stir. Pour it over ice and enjoy! *The longer this sits, the more strongly flavored your lemonade will be. We like it best the same day it's made.

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